RKEMReproducing Kernel Element Method (engineering book)
RKEMRemote Keyless Entry Module (motor vehicle component)
RKEMRunge-Kutta Explicit Method (differential equations)
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Due that the RKEM interpolation has the Kronecker delta property, we can set the boundary conditions directly.
In RKEM the radius of the circle can not be arbitrary, it need to be a function of the mesh [10].
The RKEM functions are piecewise rational functions that are able to reproduce polynomials.
Consider the implementation of the RKEM method in one dimension for a problem in linear elastostatic.
We shall use this solution to examine the quality of the RKEM solution.
The displacement field calculated with RKEM is nearly exact and continuous.
Note that in this program we loop over all the Gauss points, but this is not necessary because as we know the RKEM shape functions has a compact support and just the nodes inside its influence need to be accounted for.
In this section, two classical problems in linear elastostatic will be described and solve using a RKEM program written in C++ and compiled using pgCC.
The regular RKEM meshes used to solve the Galerkin weakform (23) are shown in Fig.
The resolution with the RKEM method is considered next in order to analyze the behavior of the imposition of essential boundary conditions.
The details of RKEM and its numerical implementation have been presented, with specific emphasis on a one and two dimensional formulation.
The author wish to give his gratitude to Professor Daniel Simkins for given me the opportunity to study RKEM. Also, the author wish to give thanks to Dr.