RKISRotary Kiln Incinerator Simulator (US Environmental Protection Agency)
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Contract award: Development of Audit Information System Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SR RKIS SAO).
The contract is to develop and implement a national development project of the Supreme Audit Information System Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (RKIS SAO SR) and related infrastructure, through design, development, implementation including comprehensive testing, setting communication channels with external systems, integration with internal systems of government and support for new modules complex RKIS SAO SR.
The introduction of new systems / modules RKIS SAO SR will be used to achieve the objectives of the project and to increase awareness of the SAO SR audit activities and the results thereof for reasons of transparency in public administration, enhance the effectiveness of control activities and thus increase the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of the management of public means entities controllable SAO SR, increasing the efficiency and quality of internal control processes under control subjects, stimulation of international cooperation.