RKKSReproducing Kernel Krein Spaces
RKKSRenal Kallikrein-Kinin System (nephrology)
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Most of those leaders became quasi-officials of the RKKS through which the PKI now increasingly worked to muster political support for the 1955 national elections.
Indeed, since the Dinoyo initiative of early 1954, the RKKS had been making public speeches that deemed kampong land and administrative apparatus the possession of occupants, not the state; they also proclaimed that neither the municipality nor the army had the right to outlaw squatting or evict squatters.
Taking over from where the fated RKKS had left off almost twenty years before, teams of civil-servant and university student surveyors mapped Dinoyo and counted its population, increasing cadastral capacity in the kampong, expanding its population of taxpayers, and bolstering the ability of the neighbourhood head to collect a monthly tax from each identified household (Peters 2013:76-82; Silas 1988:4, 31).