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RKMRouting Key Management
RKMRamakrishna Mission
RKMRaj Kumar (Indian actor)
RKMRunge Kutta Methods (mathematical research)
RKMRichard King Mellon Foundation (Pittsburgh, PA)
RKMRoute Kilometer
RKMReligious Kibbutz Movement (Israel)
RKMRack Keyboard and Monitor
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These trips took place between Orrington (rkm 33) and Medway, Maine (rkm 149), on a weekly basis; more frequent trips (two or three/week) were made before ice-in (late December) and after ice-out (late April).
Our study focuses on fishery data collected in the lower (RKM 0.0 to 13.57) and upper (RKM 14.13 to 17.90) reaches, with some germane data collected further upriver around Blue Spring in the lower LCR, Arizona (centered at 36[degrees]10'0" N, 1H[degrees]45'0" W; Figs.l, 2).
RKM Durar Properties is keeping the design under a tight wrap as it awaits the final approval from authorities.
The statistical comparison of individual treatment means with regards to yarn RKM is presented in Table 3a.
RKM'de deriye penetre olan ve doku icindeki kucuk bir noktayi aydinlatan monokromatik isik kaynagi olarak diode lazer kullanilmistir.
From the data of yarn strength tests, RKM is calculated as follows:
In partnership with Seacoast Mental Health Center and NH Vocational Rehabilitation, RKM has taken advantage of job training and coaching sessions geared toward making team leaders more effective communicators and more effective managers.
NewMarket Technology Inc (OTC BB:NMKT.OB), a provider of certified systems integration and maintenance services to support the prevailing industry standard solutions, announced on Monday (16 June) that RKM IT Solutions, the company's subsidiary operating in Venezuela, has been awarded a USD4m contract by Movistar, a provider of mobile phone services in Latin America and a division of Telefonica.
Chris "Bomber" Harris is a British international speedway rider for Coventry Bees and Polish team RKM Rybnik.
Kirschenbaum worked with RKM Realty, New York serving as director of acquisitions & dispositions.
The intank additions include the RKM series, a line of combination return and suction filters used in both open and closed loop mobile equipment hydraulic systems.