RKNRoot Knot Nematode
RKNCatholic-National Movement (Poland)
RKNRamsay's Kitchen Nightmares
RKNRancangan Kemajuan Negara (Indonesian: National Development Plan)
RKNRuch Katolicko Narodowy (Polish: Catholic National Movement; political party)
RKNRegionales Kompetenznetzwerk Weiterbildung (German: Regional Network of Expertise in Training)
RKNRadio Krishna Network
RKNRemote Knowledge Network (Bucyrus International Inc.; monitoring system for mining equipment)
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[beta]-1, 3 Glucanase activity profile of banana for direct antifungal activity in response to distilled water (Control), live RKN, live fungus and dead fungus interactions for seven days
The efficiency of the new method will be compared with several other existing explicit and implicit methods of RKN type and hybrid methods.
Root-knot nematodes (RKNs) (Meloidogyne spp.) are obligate endoparasitic polyphagous pests of tomato that are found throughout the world (Sasser and Freckmann, 1987).
Uhtlasi teatab ta, et kusimuse lopliku lahendamiseni on ENSV RKN andnud kohalikele taitevkomiteedele loa loomade andmiseks nimetatud organisatsioonidele.
Another experiment was conducted by applying the EPN before RKN. After thirty days, they were removed from pots and the root balls were shaken until most of the soil had been dislodged from the root.
The reduction of kernel number was defined by RKN = max[0;100 x (KNthreshold - KN)/KNthreshold].
+ emamectin, t7 = abamectin, t8 = azadirechtin, t9 = emamectin, t10 = RKN, t11 = Photorhabdus spp., t12 = Xenorhabdus spp.).
Survey conducted by Eng (2001) in 43 black pepper farms revealed that root-knot nematodes (RKN) were present in all the farms, implying that black pepper is one of the important hosts of RKN and the problem of RKN infestation in these farms.
The significantly lower number of galls in plants inoculated with MF confirmed the role of MF to reduce RKN (Elsen et al., 2003; Diedhiou et al., 2003).
The Western states estimated a loss of $47 million in 1994 to the RKN (Anonymous, 1995).