RKORadio Keith Orpheum (movie studio)
RKORichards Kibbe & Orbe (law firm; New York, NY)
RKORandy Keith Orton (wrestling)
RKORunyon Kersteen Ouellette (accounting firm; Maine)
RKORadio King Orchestra (Montgomery Village, MD)
RKORelativistic Klystron Oscillator
RKORural King Ohio (farm supply store)
RKORussell K Osgood (Grinnell College)
RKORandys Knock Out (wrestling)
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In 1955, ownership of the Delage passed to Thol 'Si' Simonson, a special effects expert who was part of the RKO Studios production team.
RKO and Caco-2 colon cancer cell lines were obtained from the Cell Bank of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (China).
The extract exhibited a strong inhibitory effect on RKO 89.2%, as in D384 cells with 60.6%.
Briefly, DNA was isolated from RKO cells using DNeasy Blood & Tissue kit (Qiagen).
Orton tried one more RKO on Zayn, but the latter reversed it to a rollup which led to Bryan making the fast count and giving the rebellious duo the victory.
Sam Hayne's TP52 Celestial (CYCA) was the nearest challenger to RKO on 20 points and third was Tony Kirby's Ker 46 Patrice (CYCA).
Meanwhile, his identical-twin brother, Phil, had been writing comedies for RKO, Paramount, and Columbia.
He joined WCBS-AM from the United Stations Radio Networks, where he had been VP of News and Sports and, before that, Director of News Operations, when it was the RKO Radio Networks.
The final section, on marketing, branding and distribution, examines the cultivation and management of brand identities in the genre, ranging from RKO's women-centred psychological horror features of the 1940s to the 21st-century revival and exploitation of the Hammer horror brand across various media.
syndicator based in New York City, to Channel 13, followed by CBS-TV, RKO, NBC-TV, Don King Productions and Viacom, until reaching MGM/UA and post WIN: a 60-year span filled with fascinated stories.
Despite repeated successes, Grahame never I fit the female lead mold at MGM or, later, at RKO. The New York Times would one day call her "the actress best know for her I screen portrayals of sulking and occasionally wisecracking blondes."