RKRRoyal Kona Resort (Kailua-Kona, HI)
RKRRights of the Kurds (est. 1994; human rights organization; Norway)
RKRRoyal Knight Regiment (Onate High School band; Las Cruces, NM)
RKRRockin Kimmie Roo (blog; Internet personality)
RKRRoger Kraus Racing (tire retailer; California)
RKRRecruiters for Katrina Relief (hurricane evacuee employment services)
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The subject of the public procurement is the repair of Aerzen blowers (Aerzen - 31 pcs.), Hafi (11 pcs.), PKR (RKR - 3 pcs.) And Kubicek (Kubi Ek - 5 pcs.).
Renz Mark, who has a culinary degree from Enderun Colleges said that sanitation and hygiene are critical aspects to ensure freshness and quality which RKR Seafood Mart guarantees.
To solve the RKR problem we need to carry out two extra steps.
A Rydberg-Klein-Rees (RKR) potential is obtained experimentally and defined by their turning points [27-29].
Each image was analyzed without knowledge of diagnosis by three untrained observers: two premedical students with eightmonths' clinical research experience finding borders for lesions in dermoscopic images (RKR, KSP) and an engineering graduate student (UG) with no clinical experience and six months of image processing experience.
Currently the rupee is trading between RKR 98.2 and PKR 98.5 and expected to reach PKR 100 against the dollar if SBP does not intervene to inject dollars in the market.
FedCon RKR JV LLC, of Sterling, Virginia, protests the rejection of its bid under Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) invitation for bids (IFB) No.
Worse, most users that stumble across the cloaked files with a RKR scan will cripple their computer if they attempt the obvious step of deleting the cloaked files" (Personal Blog, online: Technet <http://blogs.technet.com/markrussinovich/ archive/2005/10/31/ sony-rootkits-anddigital-rights-management-gone-too-far.aspx>.
(1999) and Rao and Lee (2002) used this technique to optimize the hydrocarbon injection gas compositions of two miscible gas injection projects, one in Rainbow Keg River (RKR) reservoir and the other in an offshore Terra Nova reservoir, both in Canada.
9 Parnell WR, Scragg RKR, Wilson NC, Schaaf D, Fitzgerald EDH.