RKSPRashtriya Kranti Samajwadi Party (India)
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The DBP reported contact with 401 investigators (34.7% of all investigator contacts), PDTs (combined) reported 95 (8.2%), BIP reported 93 (7.97%), and RKSP reported 63 (5.5%).
Excluding the PDTs, 33 investigators used both the DBP and the BIP; 25 investigators used the DBP and the RKSP; and 6 investigators used the BIP and the RKSP.
The RKSP, in its petition to the apex court, claimed that its candidates had been fighting the earlier elections on the rail engine symbol.
The RKSP stated that it was an unrecognized national party with strongholds in states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Jharkhand, Jammu and Kashmir , Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Karnataka besides Andhra Pradesh.
Prequalification are invited for Selection of the contractor organization for construction work on the project "Modernization of the compressed air supply system of the 9-storey building of the RKSP on ul.
Tenders are invited for The choice of a general contractor for the development of a project for the project "Modernization of the compressed air supply system of a 9-story building of the RKSP on ul.