RLCGResistance, Inductance, Capacitance and Conductance
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This raises the more complex problem of the model inversion: how to reconstruct the impedance or RLCG profiles along the cable using reflectometry data [80]?
The number Ns of LC (or RLCG) segments sufficient for such discretized modeling varies directly with trace length Y and inversely with product of signal rise time Tr and velocity v.
For a high-speed simulation it is frequently unnecessary to model a transmission line by means of a chain of lumped LC or RLCG networks, because the internal component libraries of many simulation programs offer transmission line models.
Norton Ward: A M Boyle (Lab); M Gelling (RLCG); J Glover (RLCG); D M Inch (Lib Dem); A Lyons (Lab);
The simulation is done by using a RLCG model of a coaxial cable using MATLAB[R].
The next step is to calculate the RLCG parameters in the coaxial line with the coated central conductor.