RLCSRestriction Landmark CDNA (Complementary Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Scanning
RLCSRubber-Lined Carbon Steel
RLCSRadar Liquid Cooling System
RLCSRoger Lewis Computer Services (est. 1978)
RLCSRadio Licensable Content Service (UK)
RLCSRanger Load Carrying System
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In the current round of negotiations, Canada has requested access to Washington National Airport (which is served only under the RLCS agreement at present) and continuation of Air Canada's status as the only non-U.
Air Canada began flights from Ottawa to Newark under the RLCS agreement in October 1994, and plans to fly from Ottawa to Washington National Airport; see Paul Korin, "Harris sees profit ahead for Air Canada," The Globe and Mail (Toronto), September 7, 1994.
25 However, the RLCS agreement (see note 13 above) has allowed some additional access by Canadian carriers to slot-controlled U.
Autorias % Autorias Masculinas Femeninas Analisi 58,0% 42,0% ComYsoc 50,7% 49,3% Comunicar 52,8% 47,2% RLCS 56,1% 43,9% EMP 63,1% 36,9% ZER 54,5% 45,5% EPI 63,0% 37,0% Nota: Tabla derivada de grafico de barra.
By deploying the Nokia LoopMaster and RLCS, TESS is able to reach a large population of potential subscribers that would not normally have access.
The D50 RAM offers the same choices of uplink interfaces as the RLCS and can be used in remote cabinet, campus, or multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) environments.
Since February, RLCS has developed into a prepaid industry leader with the standards of excellence and quality of service that attracted a distributor like Clifton Digital," said Sadir J.
Within the next six months, RLCS and Clifton will release 10 more prepaid cards as part of the Link series including the New Jersey Link, the Ohio Link and the Detroit Link.
Hamad, vice president of marketing and business development for RLCS.
RLCS uses Rapid Link's global switch and IP-based network to route calls made through the KoreaLink and GeorgiaLink cards.