RLCSRocket League Champion Series (gaming)
RLCSRestriction Landmark CDNA (Complementary Deoxyribonucleic Acid) Scanning
RLCSRubber-Lined Carbon Steel
RLCSRoger Lewis Computer Services (est. 1978)
RLCSRadar Liquid Cooling System
RLCSRadio Licensable Content Service (UK)
RLCSRanger Load Carrying System
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The partnership also provides for Turner Sports ad sales team to represent all the advertising and sponsorships across Seasons 7 and 8 of the RLCS.
The inequality between school districts with respect to the existence and magnitude of the RLCs sparked the Ketchikan Gateway Borough's legal challenge.
RLC units are different from other available support groups in the state.
Students residing in three of the on-campus RLCs (approximately 35% of the total entering class for that academic year) were selected for recruitment into the larger study during university-sponsored orientation activities, with students who were age 18 or older invited to participate.
Following measurements of [F.sub.v]/[F.sub.m], RLCs were applied to approximately the same position on the fractured surfaces at the top of the coral using an identical protocol to that used for [F.sub.v]/[F.sub.m]; RLCs were not applied to tissue layers on the sides of colonies.
Retail Logistics Center (RLC), opened in July 2007 in Lathrop, Calif., not far from Oakland.
Fulfilling their promise to provide a career path, the RLCs offer more than training for entry-level jobs.
In fact, at the end of the year, while the RLC students tested above those in a control group in some areas, their scores were deemed invalid because the RLC students were found to have been exposed to most of the test questions.
The Regional, Local and Commuter Services Agreement of 1984 (RLCS) provides for quick approval by each country of short routes (400 statute miles or less for points in Central Canada, 600 miles or less elsewhere in Canada), providing the aircraft used have sixty or fewer seats.
Scheduled to open this year is Zeta Tower, located inside RLCs 30-hectare IT park called Bridgetowne in C-5 Road, Ugong Norte, Quezon City.