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RLDSReorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
RLDSRecovery Log Data Set
RLDSRegional and Local Development Studies (Addis Ababa University; Ethiopia)
RLDSResidence Life and Dining Services (University of Wyoming and University of Arkansas)
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Tiny Zion also ably situates the changes that occurred at Harvest Hills over more than four decades within the larger context of the severe and continuing crisis that the RLDS/Community of Christ movement has faced since the 1980s, as the church's leadership has increasingly moved toward more mainline Protestant approaches, while disaffected RLDS traditionalists have broken away to form new groups.
Tiny Zion also briefly compares Harvest Hills with two earlier RLDS intentional communities, concluding that the varying degrees of success of the three communities have been strongly influenced by the level of support they have received from the larger RLDS church.
Tiny Zion should be of special interest to those concerned with understanding communal attitudes and experimentation in the RLDS and LDS movements, as well as to individuals seeking to understand the challenges faced by the many intentional communities that have sprung up since the 1960s and 1970s.
We herein performed renal ultrasound examination to measure RLD, RPT and RST in different stages of hypertension.
One ought not to underestimate the significance of the initiatives of the Second Vatican Council on the larger Christian world, as well as the RLDS Church, with regard to increased ecumenical conversation and dialogue during this era and since.
Some have held that, beginning in the 1960's, leaders of the RLDS Church made a series of concerted moves to define itself not as "the one true church on earth" as it had done but, instead, "as one manifestation of the whole body of believers in Christ." Assisted by faculty at St.
Data on RLD, TRL, MIZE, and SRR were analyzed by the general linear models procedure, and means were separated by a protected LSD at P [is less than] 0.05 (SAS 1987).
After washing, roots were stained, and RLD at 0 to 30, 30 to 60, and 60 to 90 cm was determined as previously described.