RLEPROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) Level Engineering Package
RLEPRobotic Lunar Exploration Program (NASA)
RLEPRuminant Livestock Efficiency Program
RLEPRappahannock League for Environmental Protection
RLEPRecords of Legal Education Project
RLEPRemote Launch Enable Panel
RLEPRural Law Enforcement Program
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leprae DNA, the gene sequence selected for the design of primers in this study was based on the overlapping of Specific Repetitive Element (RLEP) regions located along the M.
Thus, the objective of this study was to validate a RLEP based qPCR for the detection of M.
Other studies also used qPCR technique based on RLEP region, (5,12) but there are some differences between them and the present study.
In this work, RLEP gene was chosen because this region repeats 37 times along the bacillus genome.
RLEP repetitive sequence) in the diagnosis of Mycobacterium leprae.
Application of RLEP real-time PCR for detection of M.
Comparative evaluation of PCR amplification of RLEP: 16S rRNA, rpoT and SodA gene targets for detection of M.
novemcinctus was PCR positive for the RLEP region specific for M.