RLFSRussian Labor Force Survey
RLFSReuben Lindh Family Services (Minneapolis, MN)
RLFSRepetitive Low Frequency Stimulation
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Log files that were analyzed do not show a single thermal RLF. They also note that while the problem is really with the V50 and S10, the author believes the magnitude of the problem is overstated since other situations can make it appear like a thermal RLF has occurred.
An AS that contains the strongest cell has less probability to be affected by RLFs that occur due to interference.
Stakeholders' Matrix for the L4UCT project level of interest power low low high A B K, IL, PTM, S high C D DA, RLFS
12.651/2012 gerou acirradas polemicas, notadamente entre ambientalistas e ruralistas, mormente quanto aos limites da chamadas Areas de Preservacao Permanente (APPs) e Areas de Reserva Legal Florestal (RLFs).
Other primary cell cultures used were rat lung fibroblasts (RLF) and human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC), obtained from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences and Nottingham University, respectively.
In the RLFS, 62% of the respondents stated that price was the only factor that influenced their enterprise's wages, 18% said that productivity was taken into account, and 10% referred to the expansion of production (Standing 1996:115, 116).
RLFs are designed to alleviate the high cost and short supply of capital for rural businesses by providing flexible loan terms.
From the figure, the mean value of RLF is reduced from 0.892 to 0.507, owing to the SSDNC.