RLGCResistance, Inductance, Conductance, Capacitance (electricity)
RLGCRoyal Liverpool Golf Club (UK)
RLGCRural Livelihoods and Global Change (Netherlands)
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So this is suitable equivalent TSV model for SPICE simulation using RLGC interconnect model.
Comparison of the two sections (a) and (b) of Figure 6 implies that the ABCD transmission parameter matrix for a uniform RLGC transmission line of length can be written as
* Appcad RLGC. This program calculates the transmission line RLGC parameters, and the user has to calculate the impedance from them.
Another expression (9) for ascertaining number (Ns) of LC, or RLGC, segments sufficient for discretized modeling, reveals that Ns varies directly with length of transmission line and inversely with product of signal rise time Tr and velocity v.
The model assembly shows excellent correlation for both the even and odd modes of propagation in terms of RLGC losses and reflections.
Its frequency range of applicability is limited only by the range of applicability of transmission line theory to the component geometry, and by the accuracy of the frequency-dependent RLGC parameters provided.
The sessions for the first RLGC class included a thinking-out-of-the-box program called "Who Ate My Cheese," a session on government in which the group traveled to the state capital to meet with legislators, and sessions on leadership, economic development, education and community.
The more popular formats that will be discussed here are: Lossless Lumped RLC, Lossy RLGC Matrix and S-parameters.
(Linda Nolte (S&A) bt Val Howell (RLGC) 4&3; Beverly Bond (S&A) bt Geraldine Hamer (RLGC) on the 19th; Ann Dulson (RLGC) bt Maureen Livermore (S&A) 3&2; Lindsay Housley (RLGC) bt Vicki Shepherd (S&A) 1-up; Gill McMahon (RLGC) bt Jean Towndrow (S&A) 4&3,;Gina Withinshaw (RLGC) bt Pat Henshaw (S&A) 3&2; Antonia Hall (RLGC) bt Linda France (S&A) 6&5.
Also, in HSPICE (another popular simulator program) the RLGC matrices elements are normally given per unit length.
For example, well-designed parallel PCB traces over a ground plane can be modeled very well with per-unit-length (2D cross section) RLGC parameters.
Since 1990 he has been involved as editor and contributor to the annual RLGC Year Book.