RLIDRegional Land Information Database (Oregon)
RLIDRaman Linear Intensity Difference (biophysics)
RLIDReadiness Level Implementing Directive
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Strain RLID 12.1 was initially identified on the basis of its morphological and biochemical characteristics and according to the results (data not shown here) it belongs to the genus Bacillus.
The characterization studies of antimicrobial compound produced by RLID 12.1 were summarized in Table 3.
subtilis RLID 12.1 with primers shown in tabular form.
In this investigation, RLID 12.1 showed both antibacterial (against gram-positive and gram-negative) and antimycotic activity against most of the hospital acquired infections.
Our observation about the antimicrobial substance produced by RLID 12.1 is in agreement with the previous observation.
The similar observation has been made in the isolate RLID 12.1 that claims to possess the structural genes, namely, bmy B, fen D and iturin C.
Loss of antimicrobial activity against gram-negative bacteria and yeasts during the purification process and differences in MIC values between dialyzed and partially purified substance indicates that more than one antimicrobial compound might have been produced by RLID 12.1.
Therefore in RLID the warning message dissemination places in the second cluster.
This paper proposed roadway landslide information dissemination (RLID) approach which aims to provide an accurate detection technique by applying motion detection and cross movement method in detection phase in order to identify the degree of landslide influence on road capacity by considering vehicles' dimensions.
At P=1, RLID and RSID reject the null at 1 percent.
The results with respect to real interest rates (RLID, RSID) are ambiguous, in some cases that real interest rates are stationary.