RLIEReceive Last Slot Interrupt Enable
RLIEReference Liquid Ion Exchanger (physiology)
RLIERocket Line Immunoelectrophoretic Assay
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These blocks implement several recursive identification algorithms: Least Square Method (RLS) and its modifications, Recursive Leaky Incremental Estimation (RLIE), Damped Least Squares (DLS), Adaptive Control with Selective Memory (ACSM), Instrumental Variable Method (RIV), Extended Least Square Method (RELS), Prediction Error Method (RPEM) and Extended Instrumental Variable Method (ERIV).
and ea earl rlie ier this wee eek, rig ight ht eft.
ah ered bout The Girls Aloud star, 31, has been house hunting Stateside d use de Mark ng eeting hou Statesid with boyfriend M Fo F ster, so she's pr p obably lookin fo f rward me up u n gi g rlie w fo f rmer ban Na N dine Coy wh w o th t at way n Foster, probably looking forward to meeting up for some nice, girlie chats with former bandmate Nadine Coyle, who lives that way.
J Black right ATTACK J Tom believes Black, right, should have been told he must die in jail EARLIEST VICTIM J Jennifer Cardy EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EA EARL RL RL RL RL RL RL RL RL RL RLIE IE IE IE IE IE IE IE IE IEST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST V C IC IC IC IC IC IC ICTI TI TI TI TI TIM J Je Je Jenn nnif if if ifer er Cardy ONLY FIVE Caroline Hogg ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ON ONLY LY LY LY LY LY LY LY LY LY LY FIV IV IV IV IV IV IV IV IV IVE Ca Ca Ca Ca Caro ro ro roli li li li li line ne ne Hog ogg MURDERED SNATCHED J SNATCHED J Sarah, above, and Susan, right
actful s hat rlie she Dorothy Perkins is full on vamp with dresses displaying the new erogenous zone - the back and shoulders.
THE Cha rlie's Ange ls star, 33, be came unstuck when she tur ne d up at a film premiere in t h i s strapl e s s number.
The exchange of inteligence in the Pacific region rlies on all partners contributing intelligence.
The greater danger of a policy that rlies on frequent adjustments of nominal interest rates to incoming data is insufficienct attention to long-run policy objectives.