RLKReceptor-Like Kinase (genetics)
RLKResting Lymphocyte Kinase (biochemistry)
RLKRefraction Lamellar Keratoplasty (ophthalmology)
RLKRana Larval Keratin
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ETI is mediated by R genes, such as NBS-LRR, receptor-like kinases (RLK) and serine/ threonine kinase.
The level of community participation in activities RLK analyzed by determining the class interval of the categories low, medium and high, and is calculated by using the formula Nasir (2013), which is as follows:
Lucy Porter, Milk and Mayo; Satish Jakhu, RLK; Ria Chowdhury, Milk and Mayo
Meanwhile Heart FM's Ed James, picked up some tennis tips from Edgbaston Priory Club's junior players as he joined them to launch the RLK Edgbaston Priory Open 2014.
Unlike animal steroid hormones which are received by nuclear receptors, brassinosteroids are received by membrane localized leucine rich repeat receptor-like kinases (LRR RLK), such as BRASSINOSTEROID INSENSITIVE 1 (BRI1).
(8.) Borrie J, Wilson RLK. Oesophageal diverticula: principal of management and appraisal of classification.
Jeff Kohnstamm, president of RLK and Company and operators of Timberline, said, 'Timberline Lodge has a historical commitment to the environment and the community.
(5.) Virchow, RLK. Cellular pathology, 1859 special ed., 204-207.
Both SYMRK and NORK present a repeated leucine-rich motif (RLM) in their extracellular domain and an intracellular receptor like-kinase domain (RLK).
Included in the sale was RLK Plaza Suites, Inc., an offices and services provider located in the building.
Each unadjusted range, RLk, is rescaled by simply dividing [R.sub.Lk] by [S.sub.Lk], (i.e., [R.sub.Lk] [divided by] [S.sub.Lk]).