RLLDResidential Landscape Lighting & Design
RLLDRegistered Linen Laundry Director
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Therefore, various non-invasive parameters have been studied to predict EV in cirrhotic patients including platelet count/spleen diameter (PC/SD) ratio, right liver lobe diameter (RLLD)/albumin ratio and left liver lobe diameter (LLLD)/albumin ratio.
Combining RLLD as ultrasonographic parameter and serum albumin concentration as laboratory parameter of liver function, Alempijevic T et al [11],[12] in 2007, concluded for the first time in history that the RLLD/albumin ratio can be used as a noninvasive predictor of EV and since then many other studies have been done which have also concluded the same.
Right Liver Lobe Diameter (RLLD)/Albumin Ratio in Correlation with Oesophageal Varices Esophageal varices Mean RLLD/albumin Ratio Grade 0 3.74 Grade I 4.59 Grade II 4.69 Grade III 4.79 Grade IV 6.03 Note: Table made from bar graph.