RLMARegional Labor Market Area
RLMAReinforced Laryngeal Mask Airway (oncology)
RLMARon Little Martial Arts (Florida)
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Seventy male recruits were included in this study; 35 in group 1 (who received rLMA ) and 35 in group 2 (who were intubated with ETT).
In our study three (8.6%) patients were converted from rLMA to ETT group; as in one case ventilation was not satisfactory while in two patients visibility of the field was inadequate.
Upon recovery laryngeal spasm occurred in one (2.8%) patient in the rLMA group compared to three (8.6%) patients in the ETT group (p=0.06).
In an endeavour to perpetually improve the anaesthetic management of patients rLMA has come up as a safe and viable alternative to ETT.
In our study the two patients requiring repositioning of rLMA along with the two patients who were converted from rLMA to ETT were encountered very early in the study (among the first 10 patients).
No.###Research Variables###Group 1 rLMA No (%)###Group 2 ETT No (%)###p-value
Hern et al in his study identified the problems from a surgeons' perspective claiming poor surgical access and a conversion rate of 11.4%13 with rLMA. Similarly Williams et al in their study highlighted the difficulties associated with the use of the rLMA for tonsillectomy.14 They noticed difficulties in its insertion or position with a failure rate of 10%.
Gravingsbraten et al in his study of 1126 adeno-tonsillectomies in children corroborates the safety of rLMA compared to that of ETT.15 A study by Aziz et al concluded that rLMA is associated with less occurrence of cough bronchospasm and stridor in recovery.
Angela et al conducted a study to compare the efficacy of rLMA and ETT in adeno-tonsillectomy in 131 pediatric cases.
Brimacombe in his meta-analysis concluded that using rLMA had 12 advantages over ETT except lower seal pressures and a higher frequency of gastric insufflations.21 Luckily in our study since all the patients were prepared and were ASA grade I we did not encountered a single case of vomiting.