RLMSReport Lifecycle Management Solution
RLMSRussia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Carolina Population Center)
RLMSRock Lake Middle School (Florida)
RLMSRadar Land Mass Simulator
RLMSRecursive Least Mean Square (algorithm)
RLMSReturn Loss Measuring Set
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* Compliance increased from 60 percent before using the RLMS to 95 percent after;
Uma Regressao Linear Multipla (RLM) foi gerada utilizando-se como variaveis explicativas os sete fatores organizacionais e como variavel dependente o desempenho do gerenciamento de projetos.
The RLMS and the Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (ULMS) are two data sets that contain direct measures of risk attitudes and information on the voluntary/involuntary nature of informal employment.
As part of the agreement, the acquired firms, Gamestec Leisure, Bell-Fruit Games, RLMS Sales and Mazooma Interactive Games, will keep their identities and teams.
Individual-level estimates of consumption have been undertaken via surveys such as the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS) (see Bobak et al., 1999), but the RLMS does not employ a large enough sample size from each of the regions to produce reliable estimates at the regional level.
Heather Huebner, a manager of corporate events for Hartford Steam Boiler, who attended her first RLMS trade show in 1987, remembers some of the celebrities that one could find in those days on the trade show floor.
For instance, past research has used the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS), the American General Social Survey (GSS), the German Socio-Economic Panel (GSOEP), Eurobarometer, Latinobarometro, the European Community Household Panel (ECHP), the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS), the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP), and the World Values Survey (WVS).
We used data from eight rounds (1994-2003) of Phase 2 of the Russia Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS), a panel study of households and the individuals within them.
This is his electric band that takes its inspiration from silent Rlms, and this time around it's an unRnished Fatty Arbuckle/Buster Keaton thing called Moonshine.
Trehub (2004) studies effect of changes in the Russian personal income tax law (effectively lowering the personal income tax rate) on individual tax evasion, using the Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (RLMS) data.