RLNDRetroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (oncology)
RLNDRural Leadership North Dakota (agriculture)
RLNDRadical Lymph Node Dissections
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Tenders are invited for Construction of 6 kV electricity transmission line from the support of HVL-6 kV F- "729-711" (from the F-13 Substation 8) to the newly installed KTP-6 / 0,4 kV with the installation on the first isolator RLND otpaechnoy support, installation KTP-6/0, 4kV and construction of 0.4 kV transmission line from 0.4 kV switchgear of the newly established KTP-6 / 0.4 ...
Tenders are invited for The right to enter into an Agreement for design and (or) survey work on the project: "STP, insulated overhead line 6 kV from the support 9 6 kV TP-4271 - TP-4112 to the projected installation of STP with RLND on otpaechnoy support, CL-0 4 kV 0.4 kV pole-mounted to the projected about ...
Contract awarded for Replacement RLND on RLK-10/400 drive and earthing switches, the installation of a separate RLC circuit ground -10-400 accession to existing outdoor unitized transformer substation 6 / 0,4 kV with replacement of cables 6 kV grade a, AC on insulated wire-3 marks
Open Competition: Supply Isolator RLND.1-10 / 400 Vacuum Reclosers: PBA / TEL-10-12,5 630