RLORight to Left Override
RLOReusable Learning Object
RLORight-to-Left Override
RLORijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest (school; Oegstgeest, Netherlands)
RLOReal Life Options (learning disability support; est. 1992)
RLOResident Liaison Officer (UK)
RLORegional Licensing Office
RLORough Layout (art)
RLORecord Layout
RLORegional Liaison Office
RLOReserve Liaison Officer
RLORepairs Liaison Officer (US Navy)
RLORecords Liaison Officer
RLORestriction of Liberty Order (UK)
RLORichland Operations (US DOE)
RLORecovery Level Objective (business continuity management)
RLORadicaux Libres de l'Oxygène (French: Oxygen Free Radicals)
RLOReal Live Officer
RLORange Liaison Officer
RLOResult of the Logical Operation (Programmable Logic Controller programming)
RLORosa-Luxemburg-Oberschule Berlin (Germany)
RLORestoration Liaison Officer
RLORadar Lock-On
RLORelated Learning Opportunity
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Most of the RLO reported in oysters and other bivalves have a basophilic affinity (Comps et al.
For simplicity, we can suppose that the RLO of the parallel sub-branches of a branch (respectively, the parallel branches of the main branch) is stored in a virtual memory location of the type local memory, and is used successively to evaluate the RLO of that branch (respectively, the main branch) by applying an AND boolean logic operation.
The RLO was implemented in the program design so participants would complete the program with at least one lesson that could be directly implemented in their courses.
However, it is also likely the relationship RLO was the most effective at conveying the information through the use of quality multimedia, content, case examples, and instructional design strategies.
A potentially powerful tool for instruction is the reusable learning object (RLO), which provides a platform-neutral presentation format for instructional materials that is easily and universally accessible.
With Mirror Image's development services and global Dynamic Delivery Network (DDN) for streaming video, Reuters was able to roll out Reuters Live Online (RLO, http://specialevents .reuters.com/reuters-live-online/en/), a product for online publishers that provides fully licensable access to live video coverage of breaking news and scheduled events.
Rlo Ready to fall in love again with LL To Lady Chatterley's Lover?
The measurements for different pulse mode light regulation techniques have been taken at different RLO values in whole regulation range with 5% step.
El proyecto de Oracle no prospero, pero Tom Kelly y Chuck Barritts, responsables del proyecto en Oracle, lo continuaron en Cisco System y, en 1999, presentan Reusable Learning Objects (RLO).