RLOCRemote Logistics Operations Center
RLOCRas Laffan Olefins Company (Qatar)
RLOCRevolving Line Of Credit
RLOCRunway Loss of Control (aviation)
RLOCRecovery Locus of Control (psychological scale)
RLOCRichland Light Opera Company (Richland, WA)
RLOCResidence Life On-Call (various organizations)
RLOCRemote Logistics Operations Center (wireless telecommunications applications)
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The RLOC continues to be a very effective low-cost financing option which gives the Company flexibility to implement its growth plan."
Raymond, "The ability of recovery locus of control scale (RLOC) and post-traumatic stress symptoms (PTSS) to predict the physical functioning of stroke patients," Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, vol.
Table 3 exhibits the EERs of the proposed approach against the orientation based methods in the literature review, including competitive code, palm code, fusion code, ordinal code, and recent methods such as RLOC, BDOC-BHOG, HOC, and DOC on the four types of spectral bands.
The main focus is on the skills that students need to gain in order to address the RLOC rather than the subject itself, and then on applying the appropriate methods to support using innovative mobile technology, in an attempt to advance mobile learning in formal and informal settings.
Regarding expansion plans of Qatofin and Ras Laffan Olefins Company (RLOC), al Mulla said: "At present, Qatofin is producing 450,000 metric tonnes per annum of linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) which would be raised to 600,000 mtpa, while the 1.3 million tonnes per annum of RLOC's ethylene producing capacity would be raised to 1.6 million tonnes a year.
To provide better logistics support for Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, the 21st TSC's DMC teamed up with the 1st TMCA and DLA to coordinate and establish the first-ever rail line of communication (RLOC) from Germany through Poland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Russia to Uzbekistan.
Organizational researchers have typically used Rotter's internal-external locus of control scale (RLOC; Rotter, 1966) to measure general control orientation, yielding a single score on a scale from highly internal to highly external.
If you're flying a tailwheel airplane your risk of RLOC is two to three times what it is for a nosewheel airplane even though tailwheel pilots possess the magic macho mojo of aviation.
Industrial waste management for Q-Chem Tender no: QC/TC/HSE/40/15A Description: Industrial waste management and transportation services for Q-Chem, Q-Chem II and RLOC. Bid bond: Applicable; Fee: QR1,000 Company: Qatar Chemical Company Limited, Doha, Qatar.
Gasal, a JV of Qatar Intermediate Industries Company, Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company, and the French industrial gas company Air Liquide, has been supplying RLOC with nitrogen since 2009 using a dedicated unit situated at the RLOC premises.