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rlogin, do not really require the file system extensions of Ufo.
One way to classify an Internet resource is whether it is a file, which you access by something like FTP (file transfer protocol); or a program, accessed by telnet, rlogin, etc.
Further, they fixed it so the rlogin was to a specific account (ours) and that they would only accept logins from our Internet address.
StarNetSSH includes SSH terminal, Secure File Transfer (SFTP), Secure Copy (SCP), Telnet, rlogin and KeyGen/KeyAgent facilities for the generation of public/private encryption key pairs.
rlogin and rsh), and security generally relied on users' mutual respect and honor, as well as their knowledge of conduct considered appropriate on the network.
Here's how it works: We just establish WLN as a Gateway link and do an RLOGIN to the WLN server.