RLPAReligious Liberty Protection Act
RLPARugby League Players Association (Australia)
RLPARugby League Professionals Association
RLPARural Lands Protection Act (Australia)
RLPAReplacement Level Players Association
RLPARotating Log Periodic Antenna
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They joined with local Communists, Social Crediters, and members of the CLA to create a new political group, the Regina Labour-Progressive Association (RLPA).
The average income for AFLPA members was $250,000, for Professional Footballers Australia $130,000, the RLPA $180,000 and RUPA $199,000.
RLUIPA, Congress relied on the evidence presented during RLPA's
Geoff Burrow, RLPA secretary and GMB sports officer, said: "The RLPA will work with the club, its staff and the RFL in order to try and ensure that Bradford Bulls continue as a club.
RLPA boss David Garnsey, formerly a partner at top tier corporate law firm Minter Ellison, confirmed that he would travel to Melbourne to talk to the players.
One-time supporters of RLPA such as People for the American Way and the National Council of Churches were led to reconsider and eventually withdraw their support for the bill.
Hancock,, stepped up to the plate to address the harmful effects that RLPA would have on cities, and to answer the questions of Senate staff.
While RLPA passed the House, no counterpart Senate bill has been introduced.(73) Even were the Senate to introduce and pass RLPA and procure the President's signature,(74) challenges to the constitutionality of RLPA are inevitable.
RFRA and RLPA. If any single historical event before he became President invited President Clinton to turn his presidency toward free exercise values, it was the Supreme Court's decision in 1990 in Employment Division v.
Americans United and several other organizations have dropped their support of the Religious Liberty Protection Act (RLPA), legislation intended to enhance religious freedom protections placed in jeopardy by a nine-year-old Supreme Court ruling.
It bears a highfalutin' title-the Religious Liberty Protection Act (RLPA)-and it prohibits states from "placing a substantial burden upon a person's religious exercise." Conservatives like RLPA-whose author is GOP pitbull Charles Canady of Florida-because it strengthens the place of organized religion in society.