RLPGRegenerative Liquid Propellant Gun
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At present, the RLPG Plant operates with R22, a colourless, refrigerant gas.
We observed that Compulsory Investment Share (PRAC) and Long-Term Resources on Working Capital (RLPG) had no likelihood of a type 1 error above 20%, so they were removed from the subsequent models.
Government Institutes will become part of RLPG's Scarecrow Press, whose vice president and publisher, Edward Kurdyla, said, "One of the qualities that most impressed us about Government Institutes is its outstanding roster of authors, including several of the most respected attorneys and law firms in the country, as well as top engineers and other professionals in the regulatory areas."
RLPG, 4501 Forbes Blvd., #200, Lanham, MD 20708, 301-459-3366, www.scarecrowpress.com
The Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group (RLPG; Lanham, MD), a publisher of books, texts and related materials for a wide range of subjects, has acquired the publishing division of Government Institutes (Rockville, MD) from ABS Consulting (Houston, TX).
RLPG president/ceo Jeb Lyons said that his company's college textbook business "has grown significantly in recent years and this acquisition adds some very solid titles."
The contract is for BPs Refrigerated Liquid Petroleum Gas (RLPG) site in Grangemouth, Scotland.
The RLPG Plant currently operates with R22, a colourless, refrigerant gas.