RLPINRetail Loss Prevention Intelligence Network
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The retailer entered information about its incidents into RLPIN's database, and then compared it with data on sire liar incidents in the region.
The RLPIN system analyzes the different data points from retailer crimes, and categorizes them based on any patterns in the major incident information: date, time, type of incident, type of retailer, the amount, and the geographic location city and state.
"Retailers can go into the system--each user has his own library of queries--and within that library, they can customize any of the data points to harvest information out of RLPIN. They can get it as a report from the system, or they can have the system e-mail them any time an incident matches their specified criteria."
"Like the National Crime Information Center, the RLPIN system will take incidents that retailers experience and allow law enforcement, as well as other retailers, to identify trends by geographic market or by a particular type of incident," says LaRocca.
The RLPIN system will also provide incident reports with as much detail as possible, which will be entered into a retail-crime database that will serve as a tool for investigative analysis.