RLPORoyal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra (UK)
RLPORecruit Leading Petty Officer (US DoD)
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Added to which, a new CD is coming out, Tharaud Plays Rachmaninov, which was recorded with the RLPO at the Philharmonic Hall this year.
To honour the orchestra, Havel had previously insisted the castle's lights were turned on during a performance and he was a guest at an RLPO party hosted by Pesek on a river barge.
12 Sept Kenneth Hesketh commission for the RLPO Philharmonic Hall
It's a big piece, but then the Royal Albert Hall is a big stage, and the RLPO owned it, from the glossy opening movement to the booming finale.
Five nights of exclusive RLPO live recordings of Hope Street concerts started last night.
Last year, he hit the headlines when he was injured as he was swooped on by a seagull, as he left the RLPO rehearsal rooms at the Friary.
lauradavis The RLPO flew to Bucharest on Friday, although most of the 82-strong orchestra's instruments made the 2,000 mile, three-day journey overland by tour truck.
Meanwhile, it has already been revealed that the RLPO will join forces with the Bootleg Beatles and poet Roger McGough to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
Retired nurse Mary Riddoch first caught the bug at a Victory Celebration concert at the end of the Second World War, and today goes to every RLPO home date as well as travelling abroad to watch them.
The RLPO at a previous Proms concert at the Royal Albert Hall; and, right, Vasily Petrenko Pictures: MARK MCNULTY
Violin soloist Alina Ibragimova, left, and on stage with RLPO conductor Vasily Petrenko as he congratulated performers at the close of the concert Pictures: MARK McNULTY
Vasily with RLPO chief executive Michael Eakin The ale bottle label, which has an illustration depicting the conductor, has been designed by Liverpool Philharmonic's publications manager, Paul Hooley, in collaboration with Petrenko himself.