RLPPRasio Lingkar Pinggang Pinggul (Indonesian: Waist Hip Circumference Ratio)
RLPPRetrograde Leak Point Pressure (urology)
RLPPRugby League Player Protection (insurance; Australia)
RLPPRule of Law Partnership Program (USAID)
RLPPResidential Loan Protection Policy (insurance; Australia and New Zealand)
RLPPRetirees' Limited Privilege Program (US Air Force)
RLPPRobust Locality Preserving Projection (facial recognition)
RLPPRichard Lee Project Planning (UK)
RLPPReprographie Librairie Papeterie Presse (French: Reprographics Stationery Library Press)
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By measuring and monitoring RLPP and OCS, problematic tires may be removed from the supply chain.
CAMP prepared a short documentary film to chart the progress of the RLPP project from its initiation in 2009 to the present, which included information related to the agency level jirgas, their decisions, and the views and opinions of the RLPP Jirga team at CAMP relating to lessons learnt in the course of the project, which was shown at the event.