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RLQRight Lower Quadrant (medicine)
RLQRéseau Liberté-Québec (French: Quebec Freedom Network; Canada)
RLQRoot Link Query (Cisco)
RLQRegroupement Loisir Québec (French: Quebec Leisure Council; Canada)
RLQRéseau des Lesbiennes du Québec (French: Quebec Lesbian Network; Canada)
RLQRaasted Lund Quartet (Danish band)
RLQRate Limiting Queues
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Lastly, we discuss the key MR imaging findings of common genitourinary and gastrointestinal differential etiologies of RLQ pain occurring in pregnancy.
RLQ adhesions involving the colon and abdominal wall were treated with electrosurgical cautery.
The differential clinical features of acute caecal volvulus in relation to other causes of intestinal obstruction showed more occurrence of right lower quadrant (RLQ) pain, chronic intermittent pain relieved with passage of flatus and RLQ mass(Table-2).
16) In addition, the accuracy of clinical diagnosis for elderly patients and women of childbearing age with RLQ pain tends to be lower than that of adult men.
The abdomen was distended, and further examination revealed hyperactive bowel sounds, rebound tenderness, and voluntary guarding at the RLQ No organomegaly was identified upon abdominal palpation.
Trans abdominal sonography reported a dead fetus of 22 weeks gestational age, with reduced amniotic fluid and 2 masses in RUQ & RLQ with air bubbles diagnostic of abscess formation.
She looked a little pale and had rebound tenderness and guarding in palpation of RLQ of abdomen.
The diagnostic evaluation of RLQ pain is challenging not just because of wide variety of causes, but also because the leading differential diagnoses are very much different depending on age and sex of the patient.
Her abdomen was soft and nondistended, deep tenderness to palpation in the RLQ with vague rebound tenderness and muscle guarding.
4 Similarly, ultrasound is an established imaging tool not only for gynaecological diseases but it is also a useful modality for diagnosing non-gynaecological disorders that cause acute RLQ pain.