RLRReceive Loudness Rating
RLRRahal Letterman Racing (motorsports racing team owned by David Letterman and Bobby Rahal)
RLRRed Light Running
RLRRecueil des Lois et Règlements (French: Collection of Laws and Regulations)
RLRReal-Time Local Reflections (computer graphics)
RLRReceiving Loudness Rating (telecommunications)
RLRRoll Right (Hyper Logo command)
RLRReinforcement Learning Repository
RLRRefuge of Last Resort (emergency management)
RLRRed Line Racing (Forza Motorsport video game)
RLRRon Lummus Racing (Anaheim, CA)
RLRRobertson Loia Roof (architectural firm; Atlanta, GA)
RLRRainfed Lowland Rice
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Re Bynum, commanding officer, NAVSUP FLC Jacksonville kicked off RLR training by welcoming the Sailors.
For a more explicit exposition of this, see Helen Scott, "South Africa" (2009) 17:1 RLR 221 at 226-27; Scott, Unjust Enrichment, supra note 7 at 441-42.
The call-up comes after Declan impressed RLR Msport Team Principal Nick Reynolds earlier this month at Silverstone during the third round in the 2014 Avon Tyres British GT Championship.
Moreover, following Westdeutsche, supra note 18, the need for an assertion of property rights at common law seems to be dying out, given the relative ease with which the court found a fiduciary relationship for the purpose of establishing a claim in equity, together with its more generous tracing rules; see David Fox, "Common Law Claims to Substituted Assets" [1999] RLR 55 at 74 [Fox, "Substituted Assets"].
Since the RLR model assigns weights to dependent variables, it gives a measure of preference and avoidance of different residues in the interaction sites and thus it can be used as a feature selection tool (25).
In addition, it was also necessary to conduct an analysis of the linkage between the personal RLR and the didactic RLR of the Teachers in Training.
The Longbridge-based company has confirmed its sponsorship of Team RLR Motorsport, which is currently taking part in the Le Mans Series of races which are staged across the world.
MG Motor UK, based in Longbridge, Birmingham, is to link up with Team RLR Motorsport which is currently taking part in the Le Mans Series.
The Longbridge-based car-maker has unveiled a partnership with Le Mans Series rising star Team RLR.