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RLSRestless Leg Syndrome
RLSLa Sierra (Amtrak station code; La Sierra, CA)
RLSReal Life Support (various locations)
RLSRobert Louis Stevenson
RLSRapid Light System (various companies)
RLSRecursive Least Squares (a mathematical algorithm)
RLSRappresentante Dei Lavoratori Per La Sicurezza (Italian: Representative for Job Safety)
RLSRecord Level Subscriber
RLSRecursive Least Means Squares
RLSRecord Level Sharing
RLSResource Locator Service
RLSRoute Listening Service
RLSReplica Location Service
RLSRegistered Land Surveyor
RLSReweighted Least Squares (mathematics)
RLSRecord-Level Sharing (Data Facility Storage Management Subsystem)
RLSResource List Server
RLSResonance Light Scattering (spectroscopy)
RLSRate Limiting Step
RLSReal Life Soap (Wiki)
RLSResidence Life Staff
RLSRod Lift System (various companies)
RLSRural Library Sustainability (project; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
RLSReceived Line Signal
RLSRoot Lateral Spread
RLSRadiolocation Service
RLSRemote Library Service
RLSReal Life Scenario
RLSRenaissance Lawyer Society
RLSRoad Locomotive Society (UK)
RLSResource Loaded Schedule
RLSRadar Line of Sight
RLSReturn to Launch Site (also seen as RTLS)
RLSRail Load Simulator
RLSResidential Living Supervisor
RLSResidual Life of the System
RLSRoyal Leamington Sparklers (cheerleading group; UK)
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There's no one absolute treatment because there are so many different reasons why RLS occurs.
Over the pat few months, major listing portals have joined the RLS Syndication network, including Realtor.
Additionally, the study found a positive dose-response relationship between RLS severity and the sleep-wake disturbances.
The second, third, and fourth parts of the questionnaire include items about depression, RLS, and sleep quality, respectively.
This study analyzed the RLS prevalence in patients with MS that underwent inpatient rehabilitation at the Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation from September 1 to December 31, 2014.
RLS was first reported in 1945 by Ekbom1 and is also known as Willis-Ekbom Disease (WED).
Since the symptoms are primarily nocturnal, many people with RLS are up all night walking and trying to find some relief, said Caroline Chamales, one of Dr.
Chronic sleep restriction and sleep fragmentation is one adverse outcome attributed to RLS and PLMs.
Worsening of the symptoms in night in patients with moderate to severe RLS leads to sleep disorder.
RLS was initially linked to increased risk of coronary heart disease in a report from the Nurses' Health Study (Circulation.
The current study was planned to reveal clinical and PSG features in RLS patients, and to examine the compatibility of sleep data and clinical features.
The International RLS Rating Scale (IRLS-RS), Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), Hamilton Anxiety Scale (HAMA) and Hamilton Depression Scale (HAMD) were used to evaluate the severity of RLS, quality of sleep, and the severity of anxiety and depression, respectively.