RLSARemarketing Lists for Search Ads (online searches)
RLSARugby League Supporters Association
RLSARadial-Line Slot Antenna
RLSARun Length Smoothing Algorithm
RLSARemote/Local Server Agent (software)
RLSARectangular Loop Slot Antenna
RLSARalph Lundy Soccer Academy (Spartanburg, SC)
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To ensure effective bonding of teeth to the denture bases, wax elimination from teeth was ensured mostly via boiling water (98.3%) and the RLSA of teeth was modified with locking grooves (82.8%) and monomer wetting (79.3%).
Multiple variables such as occlusion, tooth/alveolar ridge position, ridge-lap surface area (RLSA) modification of acrylic teeth, types of denture base materials and processing methods may contribute to the bond failure at the acrylic teeth-denture base interface.5
Numerous laboratory processing related errors affect bonding between acrylic teeth and denture base including improper wax removal from the teeth RLSA, carelessness in the separating medium application, use of insufficient monomer and the polymerization method.6,8
Surface condition of the tooth plays a pivotal role in tooth-debonding in dentures.4 At the tooth-denture base interface, incompatible surface conditions lead to the failure of adequate chemical bonding.9 The modification of the RLSA of acrylic teeth can be carried out either mechanically or chemically.
Another beneficiary from RLSA, JE Guardiano, excels in his math class while serving as his family's sole breadwinner.
Relieved of that hardship, he became more active in sports and other school activities, RLSA senior high school program coordinator Aileen Carbonell noted.
BfP later loaned more bikes to students in Pagnituan National High School in Maribojoc, also in Bohol; and in RLSA in Angono.
RLSA is a change that allows marketers to use their existing remarketing lists to more effectively reach past site visitors, which ultimately yields higher conversion rates -- and a higher ROI.
Md Tan, "A reconfigurable radial line slot array (RLSA) antenna for beam shape and broadside application," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.
The Ladies' Handicap award went to Jeanette Ross (RLSAS), who also won the Nominated Pair award with teammate Stan Ross (RLSAS), while the Men's Hadicap went to Andrew Shepherd (Audco).
Junior archer Naomi Folkard (RLSAS) led the way with 1261 followed by Sylvia Harris (Dunlop) 1187, Paula Ashby (Coventry) 1183, Kathy Folkard (RLSAS) 1153, Clive Jeacock (Dunlop) 1237, James Folkard (Dunlop and Coventry University) 1168, Stephen Belcher (Swanshurst) 1144, Dean Holmes (East Birmingham) 1142, Mike Steliaros (Warwick University) 1128, and Dave Hicken (Meriden) 1123.
Other Warwickshire archers shooting but not making the team were Stan Cockeram (Meriden), Adrian Kinzett (Meriden), Stan Ross (Meriden), James Millar (RLSAS), Fiona Varian (Meriden) and Rebecca Haskins (Univ.