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9 The modification of the RLSA of acrylic teeth can be carried out either mechanically or chemically.
Two questions were about the type of acrylic teeth and denture base materials used, two questions were about the acrylic teeth RLSA modifications.
8%) made locking grooves on the RLSA of the anterior acrylic teeth while only 3.
The questions pertaining to the possible contaminants on the RLSA of teeth and its effective removal showed that majority (98.
Another in-vitro study by V Mahadeven et al showed that surface roughening by sand blasting and forming retentive grooves at the RLSA highly amended the shear bond strength at teeth-denture base interface when compared to the unmodified and chemically modified teeth which supports our study as most (82.
Studies showed that wetting the RLSA of teeth with monomer resulted in higher shear bond strengths at teeth-denture base interface as compared to acid etching.
However, other studies indicated that salinization of RLSA of teeth resulted in higher shear bond strength as compared to methyl methacrylate monomer application.
Technicians reported of applying the cold mould seal to the investment mold surface only and not to the teeth to avoid contamination of the RLSA of the denture teeth during denture fabrication.
iii Majority of the technicians reported of modifying the RLSA of teeth by making locking grooves (82.
BfP later loaned more bikes to students in Pagnituan National High School in Maribojoc, also in Bohol; and in RLSA in Angono.