RLSQRecursive Least Squares (method)
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According to table 9, all paths specified in the hypothesized model were found to be statistically significant at different significance levels, except for the following five hypothesized paths: OLSQ [right arrow] TRU, RLSQ [arrow] COM, SA [right arrow] AL, SA [right arrow] BL, and TRU [right arrow] BL.
In terms of hypothesis testing, first, H1, H2, and H3 were supported by the significant paths, RLSO [right arrow] OLSQ, RLSQ [right arrow] SA, and RLSQ [right arrow] TRU.
78 Note: OLSQ = Operational logistics service quality, RLSQ = Relational logistics service quality, SA = Satisfaction; TRU = Trust, COM = Commitment, AL = Attitudinal loyalty; BL = Behavioral loyalty Table 7/CFA Results for Measurement Model Stan dardized Critical Regression Ratio Construct Indicators Weight (t-value) OLSQ OLSQ01 0.