RLTSRegional Land Transport Strategy (New Zealand)
RLTSReverse Logistics Trends Shows (Reverse Logistics Trends, Inc.; Fremont, CA)
RLTSRear Living Triple Slide (recreational vehicle)
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e] parameters for the SWIM model that provides the best agreement between simulated data and actual field drainage data for 3 flooded, volcanic-soil profiles in the RLTS.
5 m, and located on level, undisturbed, upland sites in irrigation blocks 4, 11, and 15 of the RLTS.
In deciding which parameter sets to select for modelling movement of irrigated wastewater in RLTS soils, a bias favouring accurate prediction of water storage during early drainage times and in the upper part of the profile is appropriate.
Selected properties and mean loadings of major constituents in tertiary-treated wastewater applied to the RLTS
Denitrification rates may have been more variable in the irrigated than the nonirrigated soils due to the uneven distribution of wastewater which occurs in the, RLTS (M.
The RLTS conference attendees will be able to register on site through an Image Microsystems sponsored kiosk and surf the web wirelessly through a unique demonstration of IT sustainability using only refurbished PC technology.
At RLTS Amsterdam, the focus of 3PSPs will be to help European OEMs and Branded companies become aware of Reverse Logistics (RL) support on a global basis.
By attending RLTS I have brought back a wealth of knowledge to my company which will enable us to implement these great ideas," Shelly Escola, Product Return Evaluator, The Hoover Company.
RLTS 2004 provides an unprecedented opportunity for the 300+ attendees and exhibitors from the Aftermarket Supply Chain to take part in a "do-business" event.
Teleplan will be displaying our repair technologies and service capabilities at RLTS this year," said Bert Munnikhuis, VP of Business Development at Teleplan.
RLTS 2004 will feature over 100 exhibitors, which include 3PSP, hardware repair and reverse logistics management software companies.
Attendees at RLTS 2004 include OEM/ODM and branded companies seeking to do business with 3rd Party Service Provider and Reverse Logistics organizations.