RLVReusable Launch Vehicle
RLVReal Life Video
RLVRecherches Linguistiques de Vincennes (French: Vincennes Linguistics Research)
RLVRauscher Leukemia Virus
RLVReporting Limit Verification (AIHA minimum QC procedure frequency requirements)
RLVRankine-Like Vortex
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Si RLV evoca al "gendarme que pita", OP escucha silbar al nevero y al carpintero y aun a los fresnos dignatarios.
In the intergroup analyses, the ROC curve and cut-off values were calculated for RLV, RLV% and RLBWR parameters, which were determined to have an effect on coagulopathy.
The three studies with the accessions E-MTAB-799, E-MTAB-798, and E-MTAB-797 contain toxicogenomic data for RLV, PRH, and PHH experiments, respectively, for > 100 chemical compounds (Figure 1A).
1,5 RLV incidence is not exactly known but McKenna et al.
If successful, a proven delivered cost of $1-5 per kWh for power in the megawatts for a first-generation system is significantly less than the cost of electricity US forces are paying today after fuel is convoyed or helicoptered to forward locations and would establish the market for RLVs, further lowering the cost for DoD payloads in the longer term and opening the potential for more regular access to space.
Prenons comme point de depart le premier chapitre de la RLV.
The abbreviations BL = body length [excluding anterior median eyes, anal tubercle, spinnerets, and pedicel (if visible)], CL = carapace length, CW = carapace width, PLV = prolateroventral (followed by number of macrosetae), RLV = retrolateroventral (as in PLV), and RTA = retrolateral tibial apophysis are used in the descriptions.
The RLV (l433) shows aspects of George's erratic genius.
The robber's escape car - registration number DS04 RLV - was stolen after he broke into a house in Cardiff Bay and took the keys between 10pm and 10.
Kelly, chairman of RLV Working Group of COMSTAC, the federal Department of Transportation's industry advisory committee.
NASA has been attempting since the 1980s to develop a new RLV to replace the space shuttle that would cost less and have improved safety.
The proposed package includes a four-day, pre-flight briefing where you are taught about RLV familiarisation, zero-gravity training and space-flight safety procedures.