RLWTRadioactive Liquid Waste Tank
RLWTRotary Loaded Wheel Tester (pavements)
RLWTRailway Land Wildlife Trust (England)
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used digital image-processing to analyze the loading modes of the RLWT (Rotary Loaded Wheel Tester) and APA rutting tests, by comparing the angle between the long axis and the x-axis of coarse aggregates in RLWT testing specimens, APA testing specimens, and untested specimens; they found that the loading modes of RLWT and APA rutting tests differ notably [4].
Xiaoning, "Comparative analysis of loading mode between RLWT and APA rutting test," Journal of Highway and Transportation Research and Development, vol.
With respect to various studies on rutting performance of pavement materials, a variety of rutting test equipment was developed [6-20], such as the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer (APA), the Hamburg Wheel Tracking Device (HWTD), the French Pavement Rutting Tester (FPRT), the Purdue University Laboratory Rutting Instrument (PURWHEEL), South Africa's Small Mobile Loading Simulator (MMLS3), the Multiwheel Rutting Instrument (RLWT), and China's Rutting Test Machine.