RM2Radioman Second Class (Naval Rating)
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A Finance Ministry statement today announced the retail prices of RON95 and diesel stayed at RM2.08 and RM2.18 per litre respectively for the same period.
Shares in RM2 plummeted 73% to 7.44 pence in reaction to the announcement.
The proceeds of RM2 billion, may help the government replenish the countrys coffers considering the Minister of Finance Incorporateds (MoF Inc) wholly-owned subsidiary 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) had just paid some US$600 million to International Petroleum Investment Co PJSC (IPIC) pursuant to a settlement deed with MoF Inc and IPIC.
This agreement is complementary to the deal announced in April this year for the production of pallets by Zhenshi Holdings Groups in China, allowing RM2 to address more rapidly the growing volume demands of its clients.
RM2 said the agreement with Jabil, a specialist in digital manufacturing and supply chain solutions, will allow it to scale production more efficiently to market demand.
Pallets produced at the facility will be deployed with RM2's customers in North America.
Streamlight ProTac Rail Mount 1 & 2 Lumens: 350 (RM1, CR123A, high, 1.75 hrs.); 40 (RM1, CR123A, low, 14.5 hrs.); 150 (RM1, AA, high, 1.5 hrs.); 40 (RM1, AA, low, 8 hrs.); 625 (RM2, high, 2 hrs.); 60 (RM2, low, 21 hrs.); 625 (RM2, strobe) Dimensions: 4.25 in.
The company prides the RM2 as a non-nuclear density meter, satisfying environmentalist groups and the call for a greener and more transparent dredging industry.
Chris Gibbs, head of information management, RM2, says: "Use of Covestro's polyurethane composite results in pallets that can be used over and over again in automated, closed-loop, multi-trip supply chains with high numbers of movements."
As the busy packaging season approaches, E&P spoke with newspaper packaging, circulation and warehouse managers and RM2 representatives to find out about the current stage of these new pallets and where the situation is heading.
RM2 operates in the UK, Switzerland, Canada and the US and its market capitalisation exceeds GBP 210 million (USD 328.9m/EUR 289.1m).
In 2007, the total trade amounted to RM9.2 billion, with export amounting to RM6.8 billion and import amounting to RM2.4 billion.