RMACRemote Monitoring and Control (alarm system; Tempest Telecom Solutions)
RMACRocky Mountain Athletic Conference
RMACRoyal Army Medical Corps (UK)
RMACRoswell Museum and Art Center (Roswell, NM)
RMACRepeater Medium Access Control
RMACResource Management Advisory Council (California State Polytechnic University, Pomona)
RMACRivers Management Advisory Committee (New Hampshire)
RMACRegional Mine Action Center
RMACRobert Morris Acquisition Center (US Army)
RMACRegional Maritime Awareness Capability
RMACRoyal Manor Arts College (UK)
RMACRocky Mountain Adventure Channel (Estes Park, CO)
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Guia said the RMAC concluded its manual audit on June 5, 2019, with the 711 clustered precincts audited already representative of the whole population.
The chairman shall immediately notify the RMA Center supervisory team of the results of the RMA, who in turn, shall report the same to the RMAC.
Uninoculated turkey was plated on tryptic soy agar as well as RMAC agar.
Good thing that RMAC made it in such a small caliber.
Engagement in acquisition of machinery (RMac), engagement in training (RTr) and changes in organization (Org) are complementary to each other in every sector analyzed, that is, those innovative activities form a structure which is common to all the sectors covered by the taxonomies of Pavitt et al.
Featuring a selection of works held in the collection of RMAC (Royal Museum for Central Africa), this is the first time that BRUNEAF has held a special display of Oceanic art.
To understand the nature of the possible modal vector contamination in a complex-valued modal vector, three conventional MAC calculations can be performed (1) between the real parts of the modal vectors and the complex-valued modal vectors (rMAC), (2) between the imaginary parts of the modal vectors and the complex-valued modal vectors (iMAC), and (3) between the real parts of the modal vectors and the imaginary parts of the modal vectors (riMAC).
Mainly, the NS-2 is widely adopted to simulate the behaviour of WSNs with different protocols such as LEACH, TEEN, and APTEEN [26]; AODV, DSDV, and DSR [21], and S-MAC and RMAC [6].
To help DES in administering the program, the Legislature established the statewide Rivers Management Advisory Committee (RMAC).
Intramural (in-house) R&D (rrdin), extramural R&D (rrdex), acquisition of machinery, equipment and software (rmac), acquisition of other external knowledge (roek), training (rtr), market introduction of innovation (rmar) and other procedures and technical preparations (rpre) were used as inputs or predictors of innovation.
Last October, the commission en banc designated Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) head Henrietta de Villa and Comelec Commissioner Christian Lim as the chairman and commissioner-in-charge (CIC), respectively, of the Random Manual Audit Committee (RMAC).
All Ringling Uncommon women Performing on members are and others & the Roman invited to isn't it rings attend any romantic by RMAC meeting Wendy held; February Wasserstein.