RMALRegional Movement Alert List
RMALRobotics and Manufacturing Automation Laboratory (McMaster University; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
RMALRetail Merchandising Associate Level
RMALRemote Memory Access Latency
RMALRight Mid Axillary Line
RMALReaction of Microagglutination Lysis (immunology)
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If the Dubai Mall outlet signals a new era for Wagamama under RMAL Hospitality's stewardship, then the new era is set to be a busy one for the brand.
Elias Madbak, director of operations at RMAL Hospitality, franchise partner for the brand in the UAE, said: "Our strategy is to deliver world-class experiences to the UAE.
Similarly, Mandeep Sandhu, group marketing manager at RMAL Hospitality, said that wagamama expected an influx of diners during the festive season.
Having joined the group at the beginning of the eight months ago, and immediately recognised the under development of Wagamama Madbak secured a flagship location at The Dubai Mall with a fountain view, which is projected to break sales records for Wagamama and deliver 100% growth for RMAL in less than one year.
Results of RMAL completely coincided with the results of IHT.
Learning from digital natives: Bridging formal and info rmal learning.
Compari- son of adiponectin, leptin and blood lipid levels in no- rmal and obese post-menopausal women.
While this outlet will be similar to his grill in Fairmont Bab al Bahr in Abu Dhabi, he has just signed up with Rmal Hospitality to launch a variety of concepts around the region - watch this space for more info!
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Whilst White has handed over the reins of his brand to RMAL Hospitality, he still has a big input and will be back in Dubai in July for his latest opening - the Marco Pierre White Grill in the new Conrad Hotel.
Schwab, "Characterization of a rat gene, rMAL, encoding a protein with four hydrophobic domains in central and peripheral myelin," Journal of Neuroscience, vol.