RMANOVARepeated Measures Analysis of Variance
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Two-way RMANOVA revealed statistically significant differences (F=6.
RMANOVA for sector by practice area (community, clinical, or other) showed no main effect of practice area; however, there was a main effect of sector (P < 0.
The 3-way (Group x Condition x Test) RMANOVA indicated a significant Condition main effect for somatic anxiety (F(1,10) = 14.
With these findings, a separate set of RMANOVAs were conducted for the intervention and control groups across the four time points for diastolic and systolic blood pressures.
To test this hypothesis, we used a RMANOVA to compare the academic distress levels between the clinical and nonclinical samples.
For the escape test, the RMANOVA showed a significant main effect on treatment [F(4, 54)=13.
RMANOVA procedures failed to indicate a significant association between gender and reports of emotional closeness in their same-sex and cross-sex friendships, Wilks' [lambda]s = .
Ord's kangaroo rat and the Plains pocket mouse (Heteromyidae) were much more abundant at the Sevilleta National Wildlife Refuge site than at Placitas (Figure 1A, B) and had greater statistical differences in the RMANOVA results (Table 1).
The RMANOVA showed statistical main effects for sex and time, but a non-statistically significant interaction (sex x time).
To provide a more conservative analysis of changes in cell counts, because counts in both regions were derived from the same animals (brains), RMANOVA was carried out based on changes in T[H.
The RMANOVA was used to compare overall differences caused by treatment effects (between-subjects effects) and the interactions between treatment effects and time (within-subjects effects).