RMATSRocky Mountain Area Transmission Study
RMATSRocky Mountain Academic Talent Search
RMATSRemote Maintenance And Testing System
RMATSRib Mountain Amateur Television Society (Wausau, WI)
RMATSRefugee Management And Tracking System
RMATSRemote Maintenance Administration & Traffic System
RMATSRemote Maintenance, Administration and Test Services
RMATSReliability Maintainability Availability Tool Suite
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The guidance specifies that devices intended for use with a specific RMAT may, together with the RMAT, be considered to comprise a combination product.
* Block or eliminate the ability of outsiders to penetrate equipment through RMATS ports, which are often referred to as maintenance ports.
They often have a remote maintenance administration and testing system (RMATS or similar designation) feature that allows off-premises access to them.