RMBORocky Mountain Bird Observatory
RMBORecords Management and Business Operations (program at NAIT)
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7) As at the end of the reporting period, the available-for-sale financial assets of the Group amounted to RMBO, representing a decrease of RMB4,336.67 million (or -100%) as compared to that at the end of last year, mainly attributable to the change in the review of items arising from the implementation of a new financial instruments standard by the Group;
Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory, RMBO Technical Report I-MXPLAT-08-02:1-118.
Box 1232, 14500 Lark Bunting Lane, Brighton, CO 80601; tel: 303 659 4348; fax: 303 654 0791 (e-mail: kacie.ehrenberger@ rmbo.org).