RMCHRehoboth McKinley Christian Hospital
RMCHRajshahi Medical College Hospital (Rajshahi, Bangladesh)
RMCHRoyal Manchester Childrens Hospital (UK)
RMCHRétro Motor Club de Hesbaye (French; Belgian automobile club; Hesbaye, Belgium)
rMCHRat Melanin-Concentrating Hormone
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Reuben, from Wesham, near Blackpool, Lancs, was perfectly healthy a week earlier but collapsed and ended up on a life-support machine at the RMCH.
Play is serious business at the RMCH - every ward has a play area and there are playrooms for children of all ages.
A motorbike of RMCH doctor collided with a boy of a nearby village.
RMCH, the charitable arm of McDonald's, has already built 12 stand-alone 'houses' and 26 additional family rooms in hospitals in the UK.
Walters, a cancer survivor and 1998 graduate of the RMCH of Loyola school
RMCH has no real competitive threat as the next closest non-Indian Health Services hospitals are located 55 miles and 63 miles away, both of which have fewer than 50 beds.
Primary credit concerns for RMCH include its small revenue size and a high reliance on governmental payors (including supplemental funds); specifically the uncertainty surrounding the reserving policy related to its Medicaid claims.
Primary credit concerns for RMCH include weak liquidity, expenses that outpaced revenue growth, and a high reliance on governmental payors.
The Stable Outlook is based on Fitch's belief that RMCH will continue to have positive operating performance and that management will continue to focus on cost-saving strategic initiatives.
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