RMCRResidential Mortgage Credit Report
RMCRrec.music.classical.recordings (newsgroup)
RMCRRocky Mountain Community Radio (Colorado and Utah)
RMCRRoad Map-Based Channel Reservation
RMCRRocky Mountain College Rendezvous (Rocky Mountain College; Billings, MT)
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The head of the Rizal PENRO also endorsed the plan of RMCR to bring the DENRs partnership with RMCR and CESB to other provinces.
He said former RMCR president Rolando Metin plans to include coastal planting somewhere along the coastal areas of Quezon province and do the planting activity twice instead of once a year.
NCRA members reviewed 1710 consumer credit reports, comparing and contrasting the data of the two-bureau RMCR with the new standard tri-merge, looking at both data accuracy and data completeness in each report type.
Additionally, there was an estimated 25% total error rate in the tri-merge that would have been corrected with an RMCR.
The procedures for producing an RMCR required information and research far beyond the basic data found in the repositories.
Ironically, the rise in popularity of the merged-repository report has made RMCRs more expensive to produce.
An up-front RMCR would put an applicant in the house," says Greene.
Nevertheless, fraud does occur even with the RMCR process, as the industry well knows.
Should my editorial comments suggest that I'm simply attempting to preserve the RMCR business because we cannot compete against vendors promoting this product to the mortgage banking industry, let me state that you are wrong in your assessment.
At the same time, their senior management recognizes the inherent risk of eliminating the RMCR.
Today RMCRs are ordered primarily when the merged repository report displays inaccurate, conflicting or disputed credit information.