RMCRResidential Mortgage Credit Report
RMCRrec.music.classical.recordings (newsgroup)
RMCRRocky Mountain Community Radio (Colorado and Utah)
RMCRRoad Map-Based Channel Reservation
RMCRRocky Mountain College Rendezvous (Rocky Mountain College; Billings, MT)
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In fact, Noveras and his co-accused reportedly "rigged the bidding process" for the said transaction, since RMCR had already implemented and almost completed the repair projects even before the procurement process was concluded.
5 over the alleged rigging of the bidding for the award of contracts to RMCR Construction to repair of portions of the Casiguran-Dilasag road.
En primer lugar, segun los resultados obtenidos con la raiz media cuadratica residual (RMCR), se han obtenido valores proximos (0,06) al valor de referencia (0,05) propuesto por Harman (1976), y, a su vez, inferior al valor de referencia (0,07) propuesto por Kelley (1935), con una muestra de 203 participantes, 1/[square root of] N = 0,07.
NCRA members reviewed 1710 consumer credit reports, comparing and contrasting the data of the two-bureau RMCR with the new standard tri-merge, looking at both data accuracy and data completeness in each report type.
In a 15-page resolution, Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales said that the provincial government awarded the road projects to RMCR Construction even before the procurement process was conducted.
RMCR has been funding the planting and maintenance of some 3,000 tree seedlings planted by its volunteers since last year under its Preventing Disasters, Providing Livelihood Project, which received technical support from the DENRs Provincial Environment and Natural Resources Office (PENRO) in Rizal.
El ajuste del modelo en dos factores era aceptable: la raiz media cuadratica residual (RMCR) valia 0.065 y el indice gamma-GFI 0.94.
The average time to investigate an RMCR has more than doubled.
From March to September 2014, they were accused of conspiring with one another and giving undue advantage to private individual Manding Claro Ramos of RMCR Construction.
Merged reports are quicker to produce and are less expensive than the traditional residential mortgage credit report (RMCR).