RMDMReference Model of Data Management
RMDMRelationship Management Data Model (web-based applications)
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Figure 3 shows the complete RMDM diagram for the ISweb application.
The RMDM data model provides a strong prescription for choosing the nodes and links in the hypermedia application.
In RMDM, the relationships that appear in E-R diagrams are called associative relationships, because they represent associations between entity instances.
If, according to the requirements analysis, an associative relationship should be made accessible for navigation, it is replaced by one or more RMDM access structures.
At the end of the navigational design stage, the ER+ diagram has been transformed into an RMDM diagram, like the one shown in Figure 3, that describes all access structures to be implemented in the system.
Step S4, conversion protocol design, uses a set of conversion rules to transform each element of the RMDM diagram into an object in the target platform.