RMDTReal Men Don't Text (Dean dating book)
RMDTRandom Mandatory Drug Testing
RMDTReliability Maintenance Demonstration Test
RMDTRadio Metric Data Team
RMDTRemote Maintenance Demonstration Test
RMDTRemote Monitor Display Terminal
RMDTRubin Meyer Doru & Trandafir (law firm; Romania)
RMDTRobert Miner Dynamic Testing, Inc. (Washington)
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Estimate and 95% Confidence Interval of the BI fall by day for patients treated with UMDT and RMDT from 180 days on.
Figure 3 shows the Kaplan Meyer curves stratified by BI level, with four subgroups: UMDT and BI < 3; RMDT and BI < 3; UMDT and BI [greater than or equal to] 3; RMDT and BI [greater than or equal to] 3.
The two subgroups with BI < 3 behave very similarly to the complete UMDT and RMDT groups.
The estimated parameters are a measure of association and the association between multiple reactions is stronger with BI [greater than or equal to] 3 than with UMDT or RMDT. An interaction term showed statistical significance, meaning that the simultaneous influence of the UMDT group and BI [greater than or equal to] 3 is less than the sum of the effect of each of these variables.