RMEARussia, Middle East and Africa (region)
RMEARecreational Marine Employment Act of 2002
RMEARocky Mountain Electrical and Automation (est. 2001; Denver, CO)
RMEARocky Mountain Environmental Associates (Idaho)
RMEARetrieval Mode Electronics Assembly
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Thierry Siminger, managing director RMEA, Card Systems Division at Oberthur Technologies, said: "The UAE mobile market will soon be revolutionised through Oberthur Technologies' expertise in the convergence of mobile, banking and transit industries."
Committed to supporting customers in the design, formulation and scale-up of new foods and beverages, National Starch Food Innovation has invested in technology and resources across the RMEA region.
Among faculty without SL experience (n = 260), model fit index also showed satisfactory fit index, with [X.sup.2]/df of 2.64, and IFI, CFI, RMEA as .91, .91, and .079 respectively.
Ericsson's Mobility Report for the Middle East and North East Africa (RMEA), reveals that, despite the market being extremely varied with regards to Information and Communications Technology (ICT) adoption and mobile penetration, the proliferation of mobile technologies continue at a rapid pace.
Mobile data traffic in the Middle East and North-East Africa (RMEA) region is on pace to grow 14-fold between 2014 and 2020, according to the inaugural appendix to the Ericsson Mobility Report for this region.
Georges Dabaghi, practice head TV and Media RMEA at Ericsson, talks with CommsMEA about operators'role when offering content to their customers in the region.
Thierry Siminger, managing director of RMEA, Card Systems Divisions at Oberthur Technologies, noted that "the heart of the technology is within the Sim, the secure element, and is fulfilled by an open standard technology to allow all banks and a broad range of service providers to connect to a secure and interoperable platform."
OT, present around the world, has 1250 clients including the most prestigious banking institutions and has deployed OT MOTION CODETM pilots in Europe, RMEA & LATAM.
RMEA mobile data traffic will grow 14 times between 2014 to 2020, while globally data will grow nine times.