RMECRocky Mountain Education Center (Lakewood, CO)
RMECRocky Mountain Enduro Circuit (motorcycles)
RMECRegional Military Emergency Coordinator
RMECRetinal Microvascular Endothelial Cell
RMECRabbit Mammary Epithelial Cell
RMECRocky Mountain Energy Company (Denver, CO)
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In our patient a large RMEC caused breathing, speaking, chewing, swallowing, eating, and sleeping difficulties.
Insurance companies may use their newly-approved standard, non-standard, and sub-standard rating plans and rates as of April 1, 1991--the same date we see the disappearance of the policy constants and RMECs. Just imagine the good news--how happy a New Jersey driver will be--to receive his or her April 1991 renewal reduced by the (at a maximum) $222, and an increase of $205 (Prupac) or $420 (Liberty) because this irresponsible individual, or someone in his household, had the audacity to have an at-fault accident during the past three years.
RMEC has been successful in receiving grant funding through the Higher Education Development Funds of the United States Aid for International Development to expand renewable energy, occupational safety and health education, and water quality management curriculum in partnership with the Al-Balqa′ Applied University System in Jordan.
RMEC as the OSHA Education Center serving the six state Rocky Mountain Region, that includes North Dakota the state that currently is vying for first place in oil and gas production in the US, has developed considerable expertise in the development and delivery of occupational safety and health education for workers employed in oil and gas exploration and production.
Folks, there ain't no real easy or simple way to do this once you've eliminated the subsidies which were intended to pay off this deficit--the RMECs and Policy Constants.
RMEC would be submitting plans to Angus Council for permissions to triple the size of its existing yard from 65,000 ft2 to more than 196,000 ft2.
The enlarged RMEC facility would increase workshop space for engineering operations, and add to storage capacity at the site.
The plan comes 3 months after RMEC bought a Au14 million deal which saw Maven Capital inject Au7.5 million into the business in support of a management buy out (MBO).
BMT's Regional Manufacturing Extension Centers (RMECs) are located throughout the state.