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RMSFRocky Mountain Spotted Fever
RMSFRoot-Mean-Squared Fluctuation
RMSFReconciliation of Movements in Shareholders' Funds (pricing)
RMSFRat Milk Soluble Fraction
RMSFRegional Maritime Security Force (Pakistan)
RMSFRamsey Medical Society Foundation (Minnesota)
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RMSF begins with non-specific symptoms such as fever and headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and sometimes rash.
The disease may be confused clinically with RMSF but differs by rarity of the prominent rash and often referred to as spotless RMSF.
CDC recommends starting doxycycline treatment as soon as a doctor suspects RMSF or other rickettsial infection.
A recent study reported that the fatality rate for patients with RMSF in a region of the Sao Paulo metropolitan area (transmission by A.
parkeri cases published, whereas eschars, such as the one seen in this case, are uncommonly described in association with RMSF (14).
Because reliable clinical tests specific for different SFG rickettsiae are not readily available, several different rickettsioses may be serologically cross-reactive, leading to misdiagnosis of RMSF (11-14).
Clinical signs (fever, depression, petechial hemorrhages, thrombocytopenia) in dogs with overt RMSF infection or CME are often similar (5).
Such variations have also been noted for RMSF (13).
RMSF is associated with a mortality rate of 7%, even with treatment (5), and R.
RMSF is endemic in much of the Western Hemisphere, including Central and South America.
We recently confirmed RMSF as the cause of death for 2 patients by PCR (2,3), sequencing, immunohistochemical tests (4), and culture (5) (Table 1).
rickettsii antigen is the only antigen used in serologic analysis for routine diagnosis of RMSF and BSF.